Business is Good

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Do you need to have a defensive engagement but can’t afford it? We can help. UNITED DEFENCE is the acknowledged leader in warfare solutions throughout the Milky Way. From terrorist suppression to continent-spanning strategic hostilities, our experts are ready to help you orchestrate the active defence you want. Drawing […]

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Author : Tim McDaniel The ceiling opened and the Priest Judge Arbitrator descended into the Control Center. Tloygruu bobbed his head up and down the correct number of times, but one hand snuck down to tug on his genitalia. There was no need for concern or worry, he reminded himself. He had been told that […]

A Legend In His Own Tima

Author : Gray Blix Glastonbury Tor was cordoned off by military, of course, but one hundred and fifty metres below tens of thousands coursed through the town and fields east, where a festival was underway. Costumed performers from Renaissance faires, popular in Somerset, entertained the masses, who gave little thought to the historical inaccuracies, given that […]